Together, We Can Knock Out Breast Cancer

“Check your chichis”

The chances of breast cancer affecting women in the United States are still 1 in 8. Breast cancer specialists are working tirelessly to shrink this number to nothing, but they are going to need our help.

On October 15, 2017 five thousand men and women are set to conquer the majestic Kapiolani Park in Hawaii in the name of breast cancer survivorship. The organizers, in coordination with the Susan G. Komen Foundation are looking forward to witnessing one of the biggest “sea of pink” events in the nation.

Vicky Holt Takamine, survivor and activist, is among those campaigning for the October 15 event. She urges women to “Check your chichis” – a direct and modern phrase aiming to motivate women to do their Brest Self-Examination regularly.

Komen Hawaii, Race for the Cure, Breast Cancer

Takamine is the 2017 Honorary Chair for the 23rd Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Hawaii. Since it’s inception two decades ago, Komen Hawaii has since raised over $4 million that went to breast cancer awareness programs and research. This is just one of the steps towards the Komen Group’s bold endeavor to see an end to breast cancer by 2026.

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Takamine’s co-chair Amanda Stevens shares how this event will knock out breast cancer.

“It will take a one-two punch of awareness and advocacy”

The organizers knew that it was time to give the iconic pink ribbon an upgrade.  They wanted to add the strength and assertiveness of the boxing glove into the mix.

Amanda joined the Komen Group in 2015 after working for various non-profit organizations in the past. Both women are determined to motivate women to take action about their own health. When Takamine got her positive test results, she chose to have a double mastectomy instead of a lumpectomy.  She simply did not want to take a chance at letting the cancer spread to other parts of her body.

“You must be an advocate for your own health.”

Komen Hawaii, Race for the Cure, Breast Cancer

Takamine wants to share this message with the women of Hawaii. In this modern age, some cultural beliefs still consider it taboo for women to talk about their health problems openly.

Race for the Cure aims to bring the power of choice back to the women of Hawaii.

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