Top Breast Cancer Awareness Slogans

Breast cancer awareness slogans and quotes can be used on various awareness items, whether it’s sponsorship to raise money, or accessories like t-shirts to raise awareness. These slogans can be used to inspire, to create hope, to raise awareness or to simply attract attention to the cause.

Some short and very popular slogans are very useful for putting on shirts, bags and signs, they are short enough to fit on smaller items, yet catchy enough to make people stop and take notice.

“Breasts: They could use your support”

“Show you care, be aware”

“I pink I can, I pink I can”

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“The Breast is yet to come”

“Big or Small save them All”

Sometimes breast cancer awareness slogans can cause a bit of amusement:

“A feel a day keeps the doctor away”

“Check your bumps for lumps”

“Thanks for the mammories”

Or just very simple and to the point:

“Pink power”

“Positively pink”

“Think pink!”

“Fight the fight, find the cure.”

So whatever slogan you chose to help raise awareness for breast cancer, whether short and snappy, or funny will make others to take notice and think about breast cancer.