A Touch Of Glamour For Breast Cancer Awareness This Holiday Season

It was an eye opening experience for designer Iris Dankner when she was diagnosed with breast cancer 18 years ago during her first ever mammogram appointment. She realized how lucky she was to have had the means and the opportunity to catch the cancer in its early stages. Iris realized that every woman deserved an opportunity to save their own lives by gaining access to mammograms and other awareness programs as well.

This is why in 2008, Iris decided to combine her love for design and her passion for breast cancer awareness by creating the Holiday House. She invited a number of her designer friends to sponsor and design a room at the historic Academy Mansion situated in New York’s swanky Upper East Side for the holidays.

The event kicked off mid-November with an elegant gala which was followed by a number of Art lectures by noted members of New York’s Interior Design Circle.

If you are looking for something different to do this Christmas, why don’t you invite your girlfriends over to the Holiday House? Before you hit the clubs, have fun looking and taking pictures at all the exquisitely designed rooms inside the glamorous mansion all while putting your hard earned money to work. Admission is at $35 a person and 100% of proceeds will be forwarded to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. They are located at 2 East 63rd Street. The mansion is open to the general public until December 18th, 11am through 5 pm. Please drop by!