Trek for Hope: Breast Cancer Awareness Across Asia

Cancer is always an uphill battle. People who are affected by it directly or indirectly are put into seemingly impossible situations that test their humanity, faith and spirit. Getting the news that you have cancer is a lot like starting a climb – you look up that mountain and ask yourself: Can I really do this?  Can I conquer this monster?

The trail is steep, lined with huge rocks and slippery slopes. You would often have to find another way or push harder to get to the top. There are times that you will fall, hurt yourself and feel the need to give up constantly. Once you’ve reached the summit though, everything will make sense and the climb will be worth every scar.

Breast Cancer Care aims to honor this journey by gathering advocates and survivors and taking them on a trip of a lifetime.

We’re sure you’ve thought about it when you were a kid, but how do you feel about climbing Mount Everest today? A three week escapade, the Mount Everest trek will take you to beautiful Nepal’s capital Kathmandu.  The climb will start Lukla and conclude at the Base Camp where you can share stories with fellow climbers and experience breath taking views that only few humans will see in their lifetime.

How about a tour of the Forbidden City? Sneak a peek into the amazing architecture of Imperial China and  visit historic temples, towers and of course, who would miss a chance to walk along the Great Wall? Constructed around the 7th century BC, this iconic landmark stretches over 21 kilometers along the provinces of Lop Lake and Shanhaiguan. The only man made marvel that can be seen in space and a UNESCO World Heritage site, a walk along its length would truly be a memorable experience.

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You can also opt to explore the jungle in their Sumatra Trek. Dive deep into the wildlife for 6 whole days where you will not only trek, but also get a chance to go kayak and raft through the many bodies of water you will encounter. This is not ordinary trip – you won’t be in a fancy tour bus! You will get down and dirty with all the exotic plant and animal life in the area. If you’re a fan of adventurer Bear Grylls, then this trip may be your cup of tea.

Just a reminder though… you will need to prepare your mind, body and soul if you plan on joining any of these trips! Although they are what you would categorize under ‘Trip of a Lifetime’, they’re also physically and mentally exhausting.

To learn more about these Breast Cancer adventures, head on over to the Breast Cancer Care website here.

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