Woman Fakes Breast Cancer To Get Bigger Breasts

During a veteran’s pride parade in 2013, a cancer survivor noticed how Belva Jo Williams was able to hoist a banner so high up in the air after supposedly having both of her breasts removed because of breast cancer.

Can you see anyone raising a banner in this rally?

You might be wondering why such a simple act – being able to raise a banner – lead to a legal inquiry.  In 2012, Williams has asked a U.S. Veterans Group for help saying that she had breast cancer and that OHIP did not cover her mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. She also told them that she was a decorated veteran of the United States and Canadian Militaries. The group was able to raise $5,000 for Williams by soliciting money from their members and supporters.

When the survivor saw how effortlessly Williams was able to raise a banner, her gut instinct and experience kicked in. A woman who has undergone a double mastectomy will have difficulty performing the act because of the surgery. In fact, she shouldn’t have been able to do it at all.

Further investigation revealed that three troubling facts:  Williams did not have breast cancer, she was never a member of the military and that she used the money not to get reconstructive surgery, but to augment her breasts. She was sentenced to 4 months last August for fraud and breaching a court order.

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But it didn’t stop there. In order to prove her innocence, Williams produced two forged documents including a receipt from the clinic where she supposedly got her breasts reconstructed. Belva Jo Williams is now awaiting her sentence for this new allegation early December.

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